What is the Midge Hatch?

It is one of the earliest lake fishing hatches of the season. Many people may recognize these insects as the long slender black midge with two little white wings folded back symmetrically . The males have two fuzzy antennae. In total the fly measures about 7mm long. Some species of... Read more

Extreme Ice Fishing

In which our roving reporter, Mark Smith, discovers a new sport … Normally we call it the season of mud: March. It’s good for nothing, really. Neither spring nor winter, outdoor sportsmen have long found the buildup to the first day of spring to be one long yawn. This winter,... Read more

2016 Underwater Photographer of the Year Winners

Some amazing photographs here of underwater scenes, including this one of the trout and duck, which reminded me of our wonderful LLLA logo. British Waters Compact WINNER: ‘Hello Ducky!’ by Paul Colley (UK) Whilst trying to photograph trout during a year-long river project with a home-made pole-cam, a raft of Mallard... Read more

DNR Netting Survey: Heads up!

Pete Taylor reports, “the DNR will be conducting a netting survey of the South Lake from Monday June 15 till Thursday June 18. This survey is to determine the numbers, species, and condition of the fish in the lake.” So if you see someone netting fish on the South Lake... Read more

From the Fish Committee

PETE TAYLOR: Todd Kalish has left the Michigan DNR to take a position as Assistant Chief of the Minnesota DNR Fish Division. I had lunch with him last week and he promised to be back here for Kids Fishing Day. Over the last 12 years,Todd has been a strong supporter... Read more

Kids Fishing Day Sunday June 30

9th Annual Kids Fishing Day Sunday June 30 Started in 2005 as a joint project between the Lake Association and the Michigan DNR, Kids Fishing Day has grown to where last year over 500 kids and parents enjoyed a day of family fun and fishing at beautiful Veronica Valley Park... Read more