One Tough Winter

So .. you think this winter is hard?  Three years ago .. now that was a real winter! The winter of 2013-14 was unrelenting, dumping massive amounts of snow on us, leaving us reeling.  There was nowhere left to put the snow! I’ve included a few movies to remind you... Read more

Pictures from Grogan’s

As we shiver and wait on these cold Spring days .. wait for something a bit more like summer to appear… as we think of warmer days of sun and fun, I am grateful for these wonderful pics from Jim Grogan, which remind us why we love it here.  One... Read more

2016 Underwater Photographer of the Year Winners

Some amazing photographs here of underwater scenes, including this one of the trout and duck, which reminded me of our wonderful LLLA logo. British Waters Compact WINNER: ‘Hello Ducky!’ by Paul Colley (UK) Whilst trying to photograph trout during a year-long river project with a home-made pole-cam, a raft of Mallard... Read more

Mushroom Mania, part 2

As the mild weather continues and many of us wonder whether winter will take place at all, the mushrooms continue to grow.  A few months ago I posted some pictures of the fabulous fungi to be found in our woods and meadows.   Here is an update of mushrooms from... Read more