What is the Midge Hatch?

It is one of the earliest lake fishing hatches of the season. Many people may recognize these insects as the long slender black midge with two little white wings folded back symmetrically . The males have two fuzzy antennae. In total the fly measures about 7mm long. Some species of... Read more

Extreme Ice Fishing

In which our roving reporter, Mark Smith, discovers a new sport … Normally we call it the season of mud: March. It’s good for nothing, really. Neither spring nor winter, outdoor sportsmen have long found the buildup to the first day of spring to be one long yawn. This winter,... Read more

Ernie Harwell

For all you Ernie Harwell fans out there, I’m sharing this wonderful audio tribute, (click below to “read more”) starting at approx. 3:25. Well worth a listen. For me, the voice of Ernie Harwell was the voice of summer itself.  It’s just that simple. Ernie always started the season with... Read more

New Invasive Species

Well, it seems Michigan has two new invasive aquatic species to worry about.  One, a species called didymosphenia geminata, aka “didymo” or “Rock Snot” causes problems whenever it blooms.  The other, the New Zealand Mud Snail, has already been found in the Pere Marquette river. According to UpNorthLive, “The snails can... Read more

Michigan Swimmer’s Itch Partnership

The Traverse City District Library was the scene of an August 25th meeting of the Michigan Swimmers Itch Partnership (MSIP), attended by LLLA President George Prewitt and LLLA Vice-President Nick Fleeaanis. Jim Vondale, from the Higgins Lake Property Owners Association, presided over the meeting, while the LLLA sponsored the meeting. The MSIP represents... Read more