Swimmer’s Itch

At its regular monthly board meeting the Lake Leelanau Lake Association established a Swimmer’s Itch Committee. The purpose of the committee is to seek solutions to the ongoing swimmers itch problem on the lake. The committee will work with the LLLA biologist, government agencies, LLLA Members and other interested parties... Read more

Mystery Photo

Do you know what this is? Lake Leelanau Lake Association is starting a new education initiative.  Individuals who can identify the pictures (below) are invited to post what they think it is before November 15th. If only one person identifies what is in the photo, he/she will be given a... Read more

New Invasive Species

Well, it seems Michigan has two new invasive aquatic species to worry about.  One, a species called didymosphenia geminata, aka “didymo” or “Rock Snot” causes problems whenever it blooms.  The other, the New Zealand Mud Snail, has already been found in the Pere Marquette river. According to UpNorthLive, “The snails can... Read more

Michigan Swimmer’s Itch Partnership

The Traverse City District Library was the scene of an August 25th meeting of the Michigan Swimmers Itch Partnership (MSIP), attended by LLLA President George Prewitt and LLLA Vice-President Nick Fleeaanis. Jim Vondale, from the Higgins Lake Property Owners Association, presided over the meeting, while the LLLA sponsored the meeting. The MSIP represents... Read more

Swimmers Itch

Report 2015 Swimmers Itch Cases Here {This off-site link will open in a new tab.} See where you get swimmers itch by clicking on this diagram.  click on image to enlarge  LLLA Swimmers Itch Benchmark Presentation to newly formed Michigan Swimmers Itch Partnership. http://lakeleelanau.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/MSIP-SI-Benchmark-Survey.pdf See the following publication for an excellent overview of... Read more