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Read the posts and pages.  If something interests you, either  scroll down or click on something, and you will be prompted to comment or reply.  Enter your comment or reply.

  • If you are a first time user, you need to provide your name and e-address to register: Publication of your comment/reply will be delayed, subject to site editor approval.
  • Posts of previously approved posters and registered users are published straightaway.   Registered users have increased abilities to edit their posts.
  • If you say something you REALLY wish you hadn’t, our site editors can either tell you how to fix it yourself; or we will edit/delete it for you.


To learn more about blogging and WordPress see the following:

5 Replies to “How to Blog

    1. I have set your password to what you requested, John. You can change it by logging into the site via for now. I am going to ask page designer, Fred DeMarco, to put a log in icon on the site header to make it easier to log in to access the Dashboard (Control Panel). Once you’re logged in you can use the controls on the Dashboard to edit your profile and your posts, among other things.

  1. Here is some advice on password protection for Board Members, Members, & Friends of the Lake who become registered users. These practices help keep this site secure.

    WordPress (the software this site runs on) gives this Hint to Users who access their Profile to change their passwords. “The password should be at least seven characters long. To make it stronger, use upper and lower case letters, numbers and symbols like ! ” ? $ % ^ & ).” (The Profile Manager flags the estimated strength of your password as you enter it.)

    Fred Demarco (designer of this site) advises likewise, “You’ll have to make passwords at least 8 characters long and include some caps and/or numbers to increase the security level.”

    Erin Darling of Black Chicken Host (our host) advises on how “to create a secure yet easy-to-remember password” (check this site: Very interesting discussion of how to create passwords that are BOTH easy-to-remember and secure. “If WP requires more,” she adds, “use a capital letter and finish off with an exclamation point.”

    Please practice prudent password protection people (or say that fast 1000 times). Help keep this site secure.

    Also see:

    1. Colleen, if you want to upgrade your avatar (the little personal pic that appears) from the default white shadow guy to something more you, go register yourself here.

      You will need to register, then they will e-mail you in response. Just click on the link they will e-mail you and have a small picture you want to use for your gravatar ready to upload. Your gravatar will not only appear on this Lake Association blog but on any blog where you’ve registered using that e–address .

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