Introducing Mark Smith

Greetings, all.  Like yourselves, I have been enjoying this streak of real summer weather, getting up to heat in the morning, and days filled with sun and surf.  If any of you are complaining, please cast your minds back to last winter, when we were dreaming of these days.  My tomatoes are poised on the brink of ripeness, and all is well with the world.

My name is Mark Smith and I will be gradually taking over from Larry Hauser, who has been the Communications Chair for some seven years now.  Under Larry’s guidance we have seen the newsletter continue to improve, and the website has also developed into a central hub for keeping in touch, reporting swimmer’s itch, and sharing pictures.  I intend to continue Larry’s fine work, with an initial emphasis on the website .. but more on that another time.  For now, please be sure and think of me when you have a picture to send – fun in the sun, family time, landscapes, sunsets .. anything is welcome.

I may be one of the few residents of this county who moved south to be “Up North”: I grew up in Petoskey, and still have fond memories and family ties there.  I graduated from U of M and also Edinburgh University in Scotland.  I have lived in Germany, and also in Scotland for 12 years, where I taught English.  My wife Marjory is Scottish, and our three grown up kids were all born there.  I spent my last 25 years of teaching at Leland Public School, where I taught English and German, and I still teach part time at Northwestern Michigan College, but in fact I am now retired and ready to get involved in more volunteer activities.  Our home is on N. Lake Leelanau, just north of the new Clay Cliffs area. My area of expertise is web design, and as I slowly learn the ropes here, I hope to get to know more of you.  Enjoy your summer!

Mark Smith

Grew up in Petoskey, so perhaps one of the few people in Leland who headed south to end up "Up North". Graduated from U of M. Taught in Scotland for 10 years, came back to Leland in 1989 and taught English for 25 years at Leland Public School. Still teach part time for NMC. My lovely wife is named Marjory - three grown kids (two living locally) and three grandkids. We live on N. Lake Leelanau with access to both lakes Michigan and Leelanau Life is good!

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  1. Mark, it’s great to have you on Board. Nice background image of the sunlit hills above the south shore of North Lake Leelanau. Is it the morning light? I recognized Stonehedge – where there was a Legacy Celebration some years back – with its humungous lawn. I thought I was looking at the Leland Country Club, at first!

    1. Thanks Larry. Yes, I am slowly finding my legs here. Hope to introduce a few changes to the website before the next newsletter comes out. Yes, that picture is of the south shore of North Lake Leelanau, taken earlier this year from my dock, at sunset. Believe it or not, I did not fiddle with it that much ..those were the colors, taken with a long zoom lens, with Cemetery Point poking in from the right and Warden’s point from the left. Sometimes the dying light is the most beautiful.

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