Leland Harbor Dredging Update

from Tony Borden

With water levels in Lake Michigan at historic a historic low level, the Leland Harbor Commission is faced with a greater than usual challenge in funding the dredging the channel this year. Until about three weeks ago it was uncertain where the necessary funding would come from.  Fortunately, about three weeks ago Governor Snyder announced he was seeking to reallocate approximately $10 million from other parts of the current state budget in order to provide emergency funding this year for the many Lake Michigan and Lake Huron harbors that have been so heavily impacted by the low water.

Leland could be the recipient of as much as $400,000 for its dredging expense.  Specific details of when these funds would be forthcoming and when the harbor channel would be dredged remain uncertain.  It is known that Leland will have to provide some matching funds, but that amount is also unknown at this time.

Harbormaster Russell Dzuba has been coordinating closely with the Great Lakes Small Harbors Coalition, which has been very effective at bring this significant problem to the attention of the Governor and the state legislature.

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  1. I hope there will be enough to dredge the harbor. I would have thought that the docking “dues” or whatever they’re called would have a small amount that would go to upkeep such as dredging.

  2. Please let us know when there’s more information on the dredging, or if there’s somewhere else I can check for updates. Thanks so much!

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