Michigan Shoreland Stewards

We our pleased to announce our affiliation with Michigan Shoreland Stewards, a program which provides recognition for lakefront property owners who are protecting inland lakes through best management practices on their property. Become a Michigan Shoreland Steward! Each year more and more lake front properties are being developed and natural lakefront habitats are becoming scarce. With the decline in lakeshore habitat, lakes are being negatively impacted. Animals such as birds, reptiles, amphibians, and fish are losing important breeding and feeding areas, and the overall health of our lakes is in trouble. Lakefront property owners can change this trend through the... Read more

Legacy Event, 2016

In the end, the rain held off for just long enough and we had a wonderful gathering!  The 2016 Legacy Event was held on Saturday, August 27th at the lakeside home of the Alpaughs, near Neddows Bay.  We had a great turnout and would like to thank the Alpaughs for hosting us in such a congenial setting. The Legacy Event is open to all Kayakers, Runabouts, and Cruisers, and is planned, catered and run by our dedicated board. President Nick Fleezanis thanked the many committee members for their planning and organization.  Nick also presented Wayne Wunderlich with a Gene Rantz giclee print of... Read more

Acoustics in the Water

Exploring the Hearing of Freshwater Fish Water is a carrier for many forms of sound. Some sounds vary in frequency; others have a range of volume measured in decibels (intensity and power). When one travels one cannot help but ask the question, “What impact does the boating equipment I own make?” Dr. Arthur Popper, who is the Professor of Biology at the University of Maryland, forwarded some articles to me to learn more about acoustics in water. These articles were studies on mid-frequency sonar, pile driving, and air guns, focusing on the impacts of sound on salmon, striped bass, rainbow trout, and... Read more

Meet Jeff Green

Introducing Jeff Green – Leland Township Representative Jeff was born in Lakewood, Ohio, and grew up there, in suburban Detroit, and suburban Chicago. He attended the University of Illinois where he earned a B.S. and Ph.D. in Economics. Upon completion of his graduate work he married the beautiful Susan Dunn and joined the faculty at Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana (IU). Apart from time in Washington, D.C., on the senior staff of the Council of Economic Advisers and the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania, Jeff spent his entire career as a faculty member and administrator in... Read more

LLLA SiCon Swimmer’s Itch Presentation

We are fortunate to be working with the firm SiCon (Swimmer’s Itch Control) in the pursuance of our goal of controlling swimmer’s itch in our beautiful lake.  Ron and Curt of SiCon did a great presentation at our annual meeting on July 20th, and they have now shared their slides with us here at LLLA.  I think you will all agree that there is much to digest here.  Please take a few moments to browse through this presentation, and please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or comments.  If you prefer, you can contact SiCon direct through this... Read more

Fisheries of Leelanau and the Role of Cormorants

Heather Hettinger, Fisheries Management Biologist for Michigan Dept. of Natural Resources out of Traverse City, gave an informative and lively presentation to the Leelanau Clean Water organization on July 20, which was attended by some of our members.  You can access the presentation by clicking here.  Here is a little info on Heather: I have worked for the Department of Natural Resources in various capacities since 2000. I spent four summers as a seasonal (Parks, Wildlife Division, and Fisheries’ Division) , and after I completed my bachelor’s degree in 2004 I was hired in as a Fisheries Assistant, or Creel Clerk in St. Joseph/... Read more

Kids’ Fishing Day 2016

What a day! We estimate over 700 people attended the 12th annual Kids’ Fishing Day at Veronica Valley on Sunday, June 26th. This is a day where kids can successfully learn about fishing and how much fun it can be. Over the years we have added an amazing “hands-on” nature display featuring all kinds of live native Michigan turtles, frogs, snakes, and fish. Wings of Wonder provides a learning experience and display of live wild raptors. An angling expert teaches the art of fly fishing to those kids who are interested. “Fish Painting” is another popular activity. All this plus all... Read more

Annual Meeting a Huge Success

Huge! Yuge! And fun, and informative .. those are a few of the words to describe our Annual Meeting held at the Leland Lodge on July 20th.  It’s always great to meet and greet our membership and to get to know more of our fellow riparians.  This year’s attendance was nearly 100 people who came together to listen, learn, and share their views.  The meeting included a presentation by SiCon (Swimmer’s Itch Control), outlining the findings of their work so far.  (The PowerPoint presentation will be uploaded to this site in the near future).  I learned, for example, that you don’t need... Read more

Annual Meeting July 20th

Our LLLA Annual Meeting will be held tomorrow from 6:30 to 8:00 at the Leland Lodge. Please make sure to attend, and bring a friend or two.  All are welcome to share in the wonderful hors d’oeuvres provided by LLLA.  There will be a cash bar. We have some very important topics to discuss, and we greatly value your attendance and your ideas.  The agenda includes: Swimmer’s Itch – SiCon presentation Water Safety – Marine Patrol Lake Level Monitor update Handbook Update Member Concerns (over to you) Business Meeting Please honor us with your presence, July 20th, at the Leland Lodge. Mark... Read more

On the Move with Swimmer’s Itch

On June 22, 2016, a significant event occurred here in our backyard. The Michigan Swimmers Itch Partnership (MSIP), in conjunction with SICON, LLC. presented a conference specifically pointed at the problem of swimmer’s itch. Experts from the United States, Canada gathered to discuss and explain their research and attempts at dealing with the swimmer’s itch problem. This Conference was held at the Roscommon High School Auditorium. A meeting of the Michigan Swimmer’s Itch Partnership was held in the morning (9:30 am) followed by a panel discussion and Q&A session. The participants were as follows: Harvey Blankespoor, Dr. Curtis Blankespoor, Ron... Read more