Party-line vote turns down federal funds for mapping system

Aerial Imagery After Moore Tornado

I call everyone’s attention to this article on page 16A of today’s Enterprise. As I recall, some riparians were recently up in arms about their flood-plain designations and were told by FEMA to wait upon the advent of this more accurate imaging, that would enable truer designations. This, I’m thinking, is the imaging that the County Board is refusing to pay the cost-share for (as reported in the aricle). Here is a link to the article; alas, it seems, you have to be a subscriber to access the full text.

Perhaps the LLLA should make a recommendation to the County Board. Or if the LLLA Board thinks it’s too political, or doesn’t agree, this is a topic that knowledgeable individuals in the Lake Association might want to weigh in on individually with letters to the Enterprise or with their Commissioners or at a County Board Meeting. Especially those who feel their flood-plain designations are inaccurate.

For my part, I think the County should jump on this and  put up the matching funds.

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  1. I think it’s only a matter of time before this new mapping system (LIDAR) becomes the gold standard. Here’s hoping we figure out a way to implement this sooner, rather than later.

  2. I note there is also an editorial on page 3 that opposes accepting the system on the following grounds:
    (1) “it will allow tax assessors to spy deep into private property, where a new storage shed may show up that has not been contributing its fair share toward governing.”
    (2) “the mapping system will provide another means to extract information from private citizens, and of late the federal government seems to be finding more and more ways to do that without the necessity of search warrants.”
    But wait … there’s more: after reporting that county Emergency Management Director Matt Ansorge, when asked “if having such a system would help him determine the extent of the damage caused by the storm … he answered yes” the Enterprise goes on to pooh pooh the such added help as “something we can live without.”
    Here is the link to the editorial: alas this too is only accessible if you purchase an online subscription.

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