Pictures from Grogan’s

As we shiver and wait on these cold Spring days .. wait for something a bit more like summer to appear… as we think of warmer days of sun and fun, I am grateful for these wonderful pics from Jim Grogan, which remind us why we love it here.  One of Jim’s photos is of a good number of kids jumping off that wonderful Jim Grogan Family Raft.  He writes, “It’s all about kids!” And then there’s three gorgeous sunsets to help us through to warmer weather.  Thanks, Jim!

You’ll also notice a new masthead for our site, a photo I took about a week ago, looking south from the top of N. Lake Leelanau. There’s quite a story about that photo, but for me it’s a “have a last look” moment.  Next year Cemetery Point will not look quite the same, as the white tarp in the right corner of the photo suggests.  At times like these I’m glad I have photos.  You can see a larger version of that picture here.

We love photos!  Send to me,, and we will try to use them.  Share us on Facebook, or email, buttons below.  Here’s those gorgeous sunsets by Jim Grogan:

Mark Smith

Grew up in Petoskey, so perhaps one of the few people in Leland who headed south to end up "Up North". Graduated from U of M. Taught in Scotland for 10 years, came back to Leland in 1989 and taught English for 25 years at Leland Public School. Still teach part time for NMC. My lovely wife is named Marjory - three grown kids (two living locally) and three grandkids. We live on N. Lake Leelanau with access to both lakes Michigan and Leelanau Life is good!

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