Annual Meeting a Huge Success

Huge! Yuge! And fun, and informative .. those are a few of the words to describe our Annual Meeting held at the Leland Lodge on July 20th.  It’s always great to meet and greet our membership and to get to know more of our fellow riparians.  This year’s attendance was nearly 100 people who came together to listen, learn, and share their views.  The meeting included a presentation by SiCon (Swimmer’s Itch Control), outlining the findings of their work so far.  (The PowerPoint presentation will be uploaded to this site in the near future).  I learned, for example, that you don’t need to worry about drying off  with a towel to prevent swimmer’s itch – but you can if you want to (it just doesn’t help).  More importantly, we were shown the results of SiCon’s studies so far, which were most impressive.  As we know, this is a long term commitment, and we hope everyone is on board.

Also on tap was a presentation by Paul Peschel and Charlie Belanger, who talked about water safety.  (Paul had the best joke of the night when he explained that between him and Charlie they have 45 years experience, 42 of them belonging to Charlie.) Various committee members gave their reports, and Nick Fleezanis was elected to be our new president.  Much thanks to outgoing president, George Prewitt, and incoming vice president, Jeff Sanborn.  Minutes of the meeting can be found here. We addressed many questions and concerns from the audience and enjoyed the good food provided by the Leland Lodge.  But, most importantly, we got to see each other and talk about this lake we love so much.

Be sure and use the swimmer’s itch reporting page to let us know when and where – if you know of a case of swimmer’s itch yourself.  And while you are there, you can also make a donation to the cause.  Much thanks!

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