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June 28: Message to members from Tom Hiatt, LLLA President “Lake Board Status: Your Voice Needs to Be Heard”

June 28: List of questions members of the community have raised about the need for a lake board

June 28: Text of the resolution which the County Commissioners will consider on July 13 and July 20, 2021

June 28: To see dramatic video footage of a large untreated EWM bed in south Lake Leelanau, click here

April 14: Presentation to Leelanau County Commissioners about the need for a lake board

On April 13, Tom Hiatt and Nancy Popa presented the Association’s proposal for a Lake Leelanau Lake Preservation Board to the Leelanau County Commissioners.

The presentation explains the existential threat posed by Eurasian Watermilfoil, the Association’s EWM prevention and control efforts to date, and how the creation of a lake preservation board would address Lake Leelanau’s long-term EWM control needs.

  • Click here to view a pdf of the presentation
  • Click here to view the companion document explaining our rationale
  • Click here to watch the portion of the video recording of the Commissioners’ April 13 Executive Board Session featuring the Association’s presentation and the ensuing Q&A (click “Skip Ads,” fast forward to 2hrs 19min and watch until 3hrs 22min)
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