Lake Leelanau Shoreline Consultations

Lake Leelanau Shoreline Consultations

Your Lake Leelanau shoreline is the focal point of your lakefront property. The transition from land to lake can be magical, inviting, and beautiful. Shorelines in their natural state give us much to appreciate, but erosion, runoff, and the demands of how you use your property can complicate the design and maintenance of this space. Our Lake Leelanau shoreline consultations with LLLA Ambassadors can help.

Shoreline Vitality

Shorelines are critical to maintaining lake quality, biodiversity, shoreline integrity, and wildlife populations. As the gateway to our lake, shoreline characteristics directly affect your property and can have a positive or negative impact. Erosion control, waterbird access, near-shore water quality and algae growth, and ice push issues can impact shoreline enjoyment and maintenance. Thoughtful and sustainable choices are vital.  That is where the LLLA Shoreline Ambassadors come in!

Lake Leelanau shoreline consultation
Photo courtesy of Mark Bugnaski Photography.

We’ve covered many topics related to shoreline preservation in our previous posts and encourage you to revisit them here:

We Are Here to Help

The Lake Leelanau Lake Association’s Shoreline Ambassadors are volunteers trained to evaluate shoreline environments through the Michigan Natural Shoreline Partnership (MNSP). The ambassadors provide information and resources to support your care of the Lake Leelanau shoreline. 

Why get a Lake Leelanau shoreline consultation?

  • You need information about your fertilization practices, septic system maintenance, or stormwater runoff;
  • You are interested in restoring your natural shoreline;
  • You are concerned about erosion and lake levels;
  • You want to verify that you are being a responsible shoreline steward;
  • You want to brainstorm next steps.   

What will you learn?

  • We can help you decide if your project is DIY or requires professional services and where to find them;
  • We can provide information on the benefits of native plants, where to buy them, when to plant, and how to maintain them;
  • Erosion is also a common concern. We can provide information on the different techniques for erosion control and which technique is a good fit for the site conditions; 
  • We can help riparians understand what work requires a permit from the Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes and Energy (EGLE) and how to obtain a permit.

What can you expect from a complimentary Lake Leelanau shoreline consultation visit?

Neighbor-to-neighbor conversations! We will discuss and review your shoreline possibilities. LLLA will rely on MNSP guidelines to identify shoreline strategies that have the best odds of being sustainable for what you want to accomplish. We cite lake-quality-oriented best management practices because lake quality is the anchor of your lakefront investment. During our visit, we’ll provide reference material to help inform your next steps. LLLA will also provide a list of Certified Shoreline Contractors in the area, although we do not endorse any specific contractors in particular.

Please note: Visits are complimentary and resources are tailored to the Lake Leelanau watershed environment.

Lake Leelanau Shoreline Consultations from LLLA
Photo courtesy of Mark Bugnaski Photography.

Get In Touch With Us!

Shoreline Ambassadors can visit as long as there is no snow on the ground. We recommend late summer or fall visits for erosion projects that require extensive planning so that you have the winter to plan the work and obtain permits, if required.

Our trained Shoreline Ambassadors are excited to share their knowledge with you.  

Schedule your Lake Leelanau consultation now by emailing [email protected]–or email to request more information.

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