Two adult males and two children practice Lake Leelanau Water Safety while paddling on the water.

Lake Leelanau Water Safety Update For Summer 2022

Are you getting ready for a fun summer on Lake Leelanau? Make water safety and safety gear your top priority!

With summer quickly approaching, we want to share an update on how to enjoy boating and paddling on Lake Leelanau safely and how to properly use personal floatation devices (PFDs). The following lists include Lake Leelanau water safety tips and PFD guidance.

Boating Safety Tips on Lake Leelanau

  • Familiarize yourself with Michigan boating laws, including age and operator restrictions — the sheriff will be enforcing them!

Paddling Safety Tips on Lake Leelanau

  • While paddleboarding, ALWAYS wear a leash and a PFD. Leashes save lives! A leash will keep you connected to your board.
  • ALWAYS wear a PFD! It will keep you afloat — a PFD strapped to your board is not accessible during an emergency.
  • Check the weather before you launch. Look for wind speed, water temperature, approaching storms, etc.
  • File a float plan with someone you know! Before entering the water, let someone know where you are going and when you will return.

PFD Guidance

  • ALWAYS wear a PFD (aka a life jacket) when boating, paddleboarding or paddling (i.e., canoes, surf skis, etc.).
  • Ensure the PFD is buckled, zipped and/or strapped.
  • Make sure the PFD fits properly! If it is too big, a child may fall out of their life jacket! And if it is too small, it may not hold you up!

For instructions on how to properly fit a life jacket, click here. The infographic is provided by the BoatUS Foundation.

We strongly recommend making water safety and safety gear a top priority to ensure you have a great experience out on the water this summer. If you have questions about Lake Leelanau water safety and proper water safety gear, please, submit an inquiry via our contact form. You can also email us at [email protected].

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