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This month’s issue features the latest addition to our anti-EWM armory - an underwater ROV, the seasonal positioning of our no-wake buoys, instructions for 2021 swimmer’s itch reporting, a call for volunteers to help with our Summer boat-launch events, and the renewed availability of our 2020 Handbook.  We hope you find this ebulletin timely and informative and welcome all and any feedback. If you have any comments, please send them to [email protected]

Meet Our New Underwater Drone

This month’s header picture of Eurasian Watermilfoil (EWM) was taken by our new Trident Underwater ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle), shown at the top right of the picture. The drone is an important addition to the methods we’re using to fight the EWM infestation which your donations are helping us control. On a lighter note, if someone in your family would like to help us name our drone, please send your suggestions to [email protected]

No-Wake Buoys In Place – Big Thanks To Our Volunteers

The no-wake buoys at the entrances to the Narrows and the Leland River are back in place, ready for another busy boating season. Our thanks go to Board Member Bonnie Gotshall, her spouse Glen, and a team of volunteers including members of the Lake Leelanau Rowing Club, for placing, removing and maintaining these important navigational devices. When you’re out on the lake, please remember to observe the speed restrictions in these locations, which are for your own safety and the preservation of the lakeshore.

2021 Swimmer’s Itch Reporting Now Open

Our online form is ready to record this year’s cases of swimmer’s itch in Lake Leelanau. To report a case, you can simply Click Here, or visit our website directly. As you’ll recall from research shared by lake biologist Brian Price, the discovery last year that Canada geese, as well as Merganser ducks, can be hosts of the itch-causing parasites has complicated our prevention and control efforts. This makes it all the more important for cases to be promptly and accurately reported. You can save this link to your smartphone’s browser favorites so it’s handy if you need it.

Volunteers For June-July Boat Launch Dates

LLLA is partnering with two organizations to raise awareness about the importance of CleanDrainDry boat-cleaning practices to combat the spread of Aquatic Invasive Species like EWM. On Wednesday, June 30, LLLA representatives will be supporting EGLE’s 2021 “Landing Blitz” campaign at the Bingham boat launch, and on Thursday, July 1 at the Leland River boat launch, both dates between 11 am-2 pm. On Friday-Sunday July 16-18 and Wednesday, August 18, LLLA will be hosting the Benzie Conservation District’s mobile boat-washing equipment at Lake Leelanau boat launches between 9.30 am-3.30 pm. If you’re willing to be a volunteer on any of these dates, which involves talking to boaters waiting to put their watercraft into the lake or taking their watercraft out, answering questions, and handing out CleanDrainDry literature, please contact us at [email protected]

LLLA Handbook Available at These Locations

If you haven’t already obtained your copy of our 2020 Lake Leelanau Lake Association Handbook, you can pick one up in person at one of these four local businesses, who are generously supporting our organization by handing out Handbook copies in exchange for a printed copy of this letter which you can download from our website, or the email/postcard notifications which we sent out last Fall.

Leelanau Books

109 N. Main Street

Leland (231) 256-7111

Leelanau Enterprise

7200 E Duck Lake Rd

Lake Leelanau  (231) 256-9827

Boathouse Vineyards

115 St Mary's St

Lake Leelanau (231) 256-7115

Lake Leelanau RV Resort

3101 S Lake Shore Dr

Lake Leelanau (231) 256-7115

Like previous editions, the 2020 Handbook is an essential resource for Lake Leelanau riparian property owners and a valuable source of information for other county residents and visitors.

Help Your Friends and Neighbors Stay Informed

Do you have friends or neighbors who care about the quality and beauty of Lake Leelanau but don’t receive our ebulletins? If so, please forward this ebulletin to them and all they have to do is reply with their name to [email protected]. We’ll take care of adding them to our mailing list for future issues.

Lake Leelanau Lake Association is a non-profit organization led by and for individuals, families and businesses who support its mission to protect and enhance the quality and beauty of Lake Leelanau and its surrounding watershed for current and future generations. If you would like to make a donation to support our programs, you can do so here on our website. If you would like to help our programs as a volunteer, send a message to [email protected]

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