Your donations and membership dues help fund our ongoing protection and preservation activities, which include water quality, lakeshore development, boating safety, fishing, and swimmer’s itch. Currently, our single biggest expense and our primary focus is controlling the existential threat posed to Lake Leelanau by Eurasian Watermilfoil, the most invasive aquatic weed in North America.

Membership Levels

The following membership levels are available for individuals and families:

$25    $50    $100    $250    $500    $1000

You may also contribute a custom amount instead.

A business membership level is available for businesses wishing to support our Association. The suggested contribution amount is between $100 and $1000.

Join/Renew Online

Annual Renewal Begins in July

To simplify your membership experience, we're transitioning membership renewals from individual monthly anniversary dates to a standardized annual renewal period for all members. Beginning July 2024, rather than renewing during the anniversary month of your initial membership, all memberships will renew annually on July 1st.

Click here to use PayPal to pay membership dues or make a one-time donation.

If this is a new membership or you need to update your contact information, follow the instructions in the next section below. Select the purpose of your payment from the drop-down menu.

If you’d rather pay by check, mail it to Lake Leelanau Lake Association, PO Box 123, Leland, MI 49654. Please write the purpose of your payment on the front of your check.

Add/Update Your Contact Information

If you’re a new member, send us your contact information by filling in and submitting this online form or, if you prefer, download this printable form and mail it with your check.  If you’re an existing member, use either method whenever you want to send us your updated contact information.

Using PayPal does not send us all of your contact information, such as seasonal addresses, so this separate process is needed.



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