Press Release about Eurasian Water Milfoil Found in Lake Leelanau

On August 28, the Association issued a press release advising that a survey recently conducted by our lake biologist Brian Price identified 11 infestations of Eurasian Watermilfoil (EWM) in Lake Leelanau, all on the South Lake. EWM is one of the most aggressive and noxious invasive species of aquatic weed found in North American lakes. The press release describes how the Association plans to control the spread of EWM in Lake Leelanau and how both members and non-members can financially support the cost of doing so.

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In the News: Helping the Association Control Swimmers Itch Brings Rewards to a Volunteer

The Traverse City Record Eagle’s August 25 edition profiled LLLA volunteer Jim Wysor, who is helping lake biologist Brian Price monitor Lake Leelanau’s merganser population. Click on this link if you haven’t already read this informative and well-written article, If you’d also like to volunteer with the Association, there are opportunities in a wide range of programs in the areas of water quality, water safety, fishing and community outreach.

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Help us by reporting cases of swimmer’s itch

If you, or a friend or neighbor, experience a case of swimmer’s itch, let us know the details right away by completing the survey found on LLLA’s home page, or by clicking on this link.

Your information is vital for the scientific efforts which we and other area lake associations are undertaking to control swimmer’s itch.

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Summer newsletter – full of photos and information about water quality, water safety, fishing, lake biology, events, and volunteer opportunities

Our Summer newsletter is now available in both digital and print form. In it, you’ll find photos and reports about such diverse topics as Kids’ Fishing Day, personal watercraft safety, invasive species, shoreline stewardship, fish shelters and opportunities to volunteer with the LLLA.

Click here to read the pdf version. If you’d like a print version but didn’t receive one in the mail, contact Patrice Korson at or, better still, pick one up at our Annual Meeting on July 25, where you’ll be able to hear about the latest research and prevention for swimmer’s itch.

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Kids’ fishing day – June 30th

Lake Leelanau Lake Association is one of the proud sponsors of Leelanau County’s annual Kids’ Fishing Day, one of the most popular events of its kind in the entire state of Michigan. Besides catching some of the 2,500+ bluegills which have been specially stocked at Veronica Valley Park, kids will be able to learn from expert volunteers about fishing techniques, fish cleaning, fly fishing and enjoy other activities such as fish “painting” and a display of native water wildlife.

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Volunteers wanted on South Lake Leelanau

The LLLA needs volunteers to assist with research to determine how swimmer’s itch is transmitted between snails and birds on South Lake Leelanau.  The research program this year will involve both old-fashioned bird and snail surveys and highly innovative use of “environmental DNA” techniques.  We need:

  1. One or more volunteers to collect water samples from 5 locations on SLL weekly beginning in Mid-May and ending in late October.  Samplers could use either boat or car to travel between sites, but must commit to take samples each week on the same day and time.
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Board Meeting – Thursday 9/27 at 8:30am

The Association’s next board meeting will take place on Thursday, September 27th, at 8.30am at the Leland Lodge.

All Association members are welcome to come, listen and share their opinion on a topic being discussed. Refreshments will be provided.

Jeff Sanborn, President

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