Water Quality

Septic System Maintenance

One of many factors affecting the quality of Lake Leelanau’s water is good stewardship by riparian property owners, which includes maintenance of their septic systems in good condition. Watch this video Flushing the Future – The Challenge of Failing Septic Systems produced by the Land Information Access Association (LIAA) to learn about the importance of regular pumping and periodic inspection of riparian septic systems.

Invasive Species

Eurasian Water Milfoil (EWM) is one of the most widely distributed invasive aquatic plants in  North America. It has invaded, and is being controlled in, many Northern Michigan lakes. Recent drone footage has revealed several infestations in Lake Leelanau.

Click on this presentation by our Lake Biologist Brian Price and this drone video footage to see where EWM currently is located in Lake Leelanau and what LLLA can do to control it.

Click on this link to learn about the association’s EWM remediation plan.

Click on this link to see the distinguishing characteristics of EWM compared to other, native, aquatic plants.

Water Quality Reports

The Michigan Clean Water Corps publishes yearly water quality reports for Lakes in Michigan. Here are the recent reports for North and South Lake Leelanau:

2017 Data Report for South Lake Leelanau

2017 Data Report for North Lake Leelanau

Other lake reports are available here.