Leland dam: February 10 County Commissioners’ meeting – voice your opinion!

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Dear fellow Association members and supporters,
The subject of who will pay for needed improvements and maintenance to the Leland Dam will be discussed again by the Leelanau County Commissioners at their next meeting which is on Monday, February 10 at 1.30pm. The Leland Dam Authority, of which I have been a member since 2004, will present a recommendation to the Commissioners that dam improvements and maintenance should be wholly funded by the county. This recommendation was adopted by a motion passed unanimously by the Dam Authority at its January 21 meeting, after many months of discussion about the nature and potential costs of the needed dam improvements and maintenance, which have been estimated at $460,000 over the next ten years.
As many of you know, the cost of constructing the present dam in 2006 was covered 50% by the County and 50% by a special assessment of all Lake Leelanau riparians. During the Dam Authority’s recent discussions, many opinions were voiced that riparians should not have to contribute to the cost of dam improvements and maintenance, since the County owns the dam and is responsible for maintaining it. In coming to its recommendation, the Dam Authority also considered the administrative time and cost of implementing another special assessment.
Riparians and other parties who support the Dam Authority’s recommendation should attend the meeting in person, or notify their commissioner by phone, e-mail or letter, stating “I agree with the findings of the Dam Authority that the cost of Leland dam improvements and maintenance should be wholly funded by the County through its normal budget process, and not by the implementation of a special assessment.” 
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Don’t miss this opportunity to make your wishes known to your Country Commissioner on this important topic. Your voices matter!
John Popa
Lake Leelanau Lake Association Board of Directors

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