Voice your opinion about the Leland Dam Repairs at the November 12th County Commissioners’ Meeting

Dear Fellow Members of the Lake Leelanau Lake Association,

There was a strong turnout at the Dam Authority meeting last Friday, November 1st. Fifteen people expressed their views and 18 letters and emails were recorded. Most of the individuals who expressed a view said they would support an assessment which divided the repair and maintenance costs of the dam 50/50 between owners of lakeside property and the County.

To those who attended or wrote: Thank you! Your participation made a big difference. 

However, Association members now need to make their voices heard at the County Commissioners’ meeting, which will be held at 9 AM on Tuesday, November 12th at the Commissioners Meeting Room at the County Government Center, 8527 E Government Dr., Suttons Bay.

If you cannot attend the meeting, we urge you to address an email to the Board of Commissioners in care of the Leelanau County Clerk, Laurel Evans, at [email protected]., and send it no later than November 11th. 

In addition we strongly encourage you to send the same email directly to the Commissioner representing you. To determine the name and email address of your Commissioner, see the map and list of names at https://www.leelanau.cc/boc.asp

Finally, please remember the  following points if you do attend the meeting and/or send an email:

If attending in person, you need to speak out at the first public comment.

You need to speak even if someone else says the same thing.

Print this page out, and take it with you.

You should emphasize:

– Insist on an assessment split that you wish …. or none at all.

– Lake Leelanau is not like the other lakes in the county.

– Lake Leelanau is different primarily because the County owns the dam and is bound to it by court orders.

– The County Government has a court ordered obligation to operate and maintain the dam. 

– Lake Leelanau runs the length of the County and there are environmental and usage benefits to all.

– There have been two previous 50-50% assessments.

– The current situation is no different than previous ones. There is no need to  change the assessment formula.


John Popa

Member, Board of Directors, Lake Leelanau Lake Association

Member, Leland Dam Authority 

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