Demonstrating Sustainable Forestry – Palmer Woods Forest Reserve

I encourage everyone to visit a truly wonderful site (which I just discovered) called Nature Change, Conversations about Conservation and Climate, which is “a new multimedia magazine developed by the Conservation Resource Alliance (CRA) as a cooperative venture for regional nonprofit organizations involved in protecting and managing the lands and waters of Northwest Lower Michigan.”  It’s a beautifully produced and well-informed place for fueling “public discussions about natural resource management and adaptation in response to climate change, invasive species, changing Great Lakes water levels and other environmental challenges.”

Of particular interest to LLLA members might be an interview with longtime LLLA friend and member, Brian Price, former director of the Leelanau Conservancy and now the Palmer Woods Forest Reserve Manager. “In this video, Brian explains that the Conservancy expects to test new forest management processes to deal with a wide array of new diseases and pests as well as a changing climate. District Forester, Kama Ross also appears in this video to help explain why such learning and teaching sites are very valuable.” As Brian states near the end of the video, “More knowledge, and more dissemination of that knowledge, will help us all be better managers of the land.”

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