Photo Credit: Noah Bradow

DNR Fish Survey

Fish Committee Chair, Pete Taylor reports that the DNR will be conducting a netting survey on North Lake Leelanau, starting Monday, May 9 and extending through Thursday, May 12th. If you see someone netting fish on the lake, please know that this operation is “kosher” and do not worry. Fish will be caught, measured, weighed, and released. According to DNR Fisheries Management Biologist Heather Hettinger, “All fish will be returned to the lake, except for a few bass and trout which we will send in for containment testing.  If folks have any concerns they can contact me by phone at (231)922-5280, ext. 6870, or by email at [email protected].”

Some of you may have already noticed a net at the mouth of Houdek Creek (see picture), which Pete Taylor tells me was put there to help young fish find their way away from shore when they are released, as they tend to be dazed and confused straight out of the fish pipe, understandably.  This release has already happened, and I believe the net is now gone.  As most of you know, I am a keen photographer myself, and I want to give credit to Noah Bradow for this excellent photo of that net, stretching south towards the moon.  Please visit his Facebook page, give him a “like”, and hey .. maybe buy the picture and frame it!

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