LLLA SiCon Swimmer’s Itch Presentation

We are fortunate to be working with the firm SiCon (Swimmer’s Itch Control) in the pursuance of our goal of controlling swimmer’s itch in our beautiful lake.  Ron and Curt of SiCon did a great presentation at our annual meeting on July 20th, and they have now shared their slides with us here at LLLA.  I think you will all agree that there is much to digest here.  Please take a few moments to browse through this presentation, and please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or comments.  If you prefer, you can contact SiCon direct through this link. (contact@swimmersitchcontrol.com).  Here, again is the presentation.

After viewing, you may wish to consider making a donation to our swimmer’s itch fund here.  And PLEASE remember to report any incidents of swimmer’s itch here. Remember, it is vitally important that we  make our reports, since, as President Nick Fleezanis reports, there is a $250,000 grant that is available for state funding for swimmer’s itch; your swimmer’s itch report will help us build our case.  Thanks!

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