Merganser “Round-up” In Progress.

On June 13th Lake Leelanau Lake Association’s swimmers itch contractor Freshwater Solutions (FS), captured and removed 41 common merganser broods from North Lake Leelanau.  Read about the details in this report.  Merganser Trapping Report   No more were observed by FS on North Lake June 15th.   If you observe any more merganser broods please report them to Wayne Swallow at [email protected].  Report the number (hen and chicks), date, and location (an address or physical feature – i.e. Wardens Point).

4 thoughts on “Merganser “Round-up” In Progress.”

  1. My grandaughter has already gotten swimmers itch, mild cases so far, at Nedows Bay and at the public access at the end of Grand Ave in Leland. She gets it very easily almost every year wether she goes in deeper off the dock or shallow, walking in at a beach.

    1. Hi Nancy,

      I regret that your granddaughter has gotten swimmers itch. Please report the case on our website on the red “Report Swimmers Itch” if you have not already done so. This information is really important to our efforts. Or you may report it directly on your smart phone by going to the following link in your internet browser: “”

  2. Is there a Merganser roundup taking place in South Lake Leelanau? What’s the status of that effort?

    1. Hi Bill,
      Yes and No. The Contractor (Freshwater Solutions) is to trap all merganser broods possible from North and South Lake. I sent out a blast email to about 280 folks to report any merganser broods to me. The same information was just released in our newsletter. The only reports I have received were entirely from North Lake. Evidently there are no merganser broods on the South Lake, or they are keeping pretty well hidden. If you have seen any please let me know. Best Regards. Wayne Swallwo

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