Phenology and Climate Change

Changing Nature’s Clocks .. the idea seemed very appropriate for this day, when our clocks chane.  A well made video and informative article from our friends at NatureChange:

“Each spring, people in Northwest Lower Michigan witness the emergence of wildflowers on the forest floor. Then, the buds of hardwood trees burst open, unfurling broad chartreuse leaves. These and other annual events in nature are timed to match the seasons, responding to the changing light, temperature and precipitation.

So, what can such familiar natural events tell us about climate? If the climate is changing, can we see it in the responses of plants and animals?

In this video, the botanist and ecologist, Liana May (Borealis Consulting) explains how an understanding of phenology can help us track climate change. She also describes how a changing climate is impacting familiar plant communities and encouraging some invasive plants…”

Click here to see this well made and informative video made by the folks at Nature Change.

2 thoughts on “Phenology and Climate Change”

  1. Thanks Mark for this – makes me think more about climate change and invasive species. I wonder if the pollinating insects disrupt the native species by bringing in the non-native pollen.

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