Funding Decided for Leland Dam’s Future Repairs and Maintenance

As some of you already know, the Leelanau County Commissioners decided this week to fund 100% of the Leland Dam’s future repair and maintenance costs from the County’s general fund.

We’d like to congratulate all of our Association members and supporters who contributed their voices and opinions in support of this outcome.

We’d also like to thank the Leland Dam Authority and the County Commissioners for the time and effort that they put in to reach this important decision.

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Leland Dam meeting date correction

Correction: TUESDAY FEBRUARY 11 at 9AM is the correct date and time for Leland dam public comment at next week’s County Commissioners’ Executive Board meeting

We apologize for the incorrect meeting date and time mentioned in our earlier message.

For those of you planning to attend and voice your opinion at next week’s Leelanau County Commissioners Executive Board meeting, at which the Leland Dam Authority’s recommendation that the County assume full responsibility for Leland dam improvements and repairs will be discussed, the correct date and time of the meeting is Tuesday, February 11 at 9am.

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Leland dam: February 10 County Commissioners’ meeting – voice your opinion!

[We apologize for the short notice of this message. We’re in the midst of implementing new communication software in order to provide you with timely information about important topics such as this.]

Dear fellow Association members and supporters,
The subject of who will pay for needed improvements and maintenance to the Leland Dam will be discussed again by the Leelanau County Commissioners at their next meeting which is on Monday, February 10 at 1.30pm.
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Update on County Commissioners’ Dam Repairs Discussion – November 12 Meeting Rescheduled to November 13 Due to Weather

The County Commissioners’ meeting which was due to be held today at 9 AM was postponed until tomorrow, Wednesday November 13th, at the same time, in the Commissioners Meeting Room at the County Government Center, 8527 E Government Dr., Suttons Bay.

Come prepared to voice your opinion on who should pay for the dam repairs, if you can be there!

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Voice your opinion about the Leland Dam Repairs at the November 12th County Commissioners’ Meeting

Dear Fellow Members of the Lake Leelanau Lake Association,

There was a strong turnout at the Dam Authority meeting last Friday, November 1st. Fifteen people expressed their views and 18 letters and emails were recorded. Most of the individuals who expressed a view said they would support an assessment which divided the repair and maintenance costs of the dam 50/50 between owners of lakeside property and the County.

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Urgent Message from the President – Voice Your Opinion on the Leland Dam Repairs

Dear Fellow Members of the Lake Leelanau Lake Association,

We need your help and support.

The Members of the Board of the Leland Dam Authority are meeting at 3:45 PM on Friday, November 1 to discuss much needed repairs to the dam between Leland River and Lake Michigan. The meeting will be held at the Government Center in Suttons Bay in the Commissioners’ Meeting Room.

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Press Release about Eurasian Water Milfoil Found in Lake Leelanau

On August 28, the Association issued a press release advising that a survey recently conducted by our lake biologist Brian Price identified 11 infestations of Eurasian Watermilfoil (EWM) in Lake Leelanau, all on the South Lake. EWM is one of the most aggressive and noxious invasive species of aquatic weed found in North American lakes. The press release describes how the Association plans to control the spread of EWM in Lake Leelanau and how both members and non-members can financially support the cost of doing so.

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In the News: Helping the Association Control Swimmers Itch Brings Rewards to a Volunteer

The Traverse City Record Eagle’s August 25 edition profiled LLLA volunteer Jim Wysor, who is helping lake biologist Brian Price monitor Lake Leelanau’s merganser population. Click on this link if you haven’t already read this informative and well-written article, If you’d also like to volunteer with the Association, there are opportunities in a wide range of programs in the areas of water quality, water safety, fishing and community outreach.

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