Michigan Shoreland Stewards

We our pleased to announce our affiliation with Michigan Shoreland Stewards, a program which provides recognition for lakefront property owners who are protecting inland lakes through best management practices on their property.

Become a Michigan Shoreland Steward!

Each year more and more lake front properties are being developed and natural lakefront habitats are becoming scarce. With the decline in lakeshore habitat, lakes are being negatively impacted. Animals such as birds, reptiles, amphibians, and fish are losing important breeding and feeding areas, and the overall health of our lakes is in trouble. Lakefront property owners can change this trend through the practice and implementation of lake-friendly landscaping and erosion control methods. The Michigan Natural Shoreline Partnership (MNSP) has developed the Michigan Shoreland Stewards Program to provide recognition to shoreland property owners for using best management practices to protect their lake.

The Michigan Shoreland Stewards Program is a voluntary web-based survey that asks property owners about their management practices on their entire property. This is because it is important that property owners review all areas of management that have an impact on lake health. The property is broken down into four main areas: the upland, the buffer, the shoreline and the lake.


Completion of the survey generates a certificate of recognition for three different levels: Gold, Silver and Bronze. If a property does not yet meet the standards for these levels, a starter level will be indicated. Every property is different. Some properties will qualify right away, some will need improvements, while others may not be qualify. If a property does not meet the standards for a certificate, the property owner will be provided with suggestions to improve. They are then encouraged to take the survey again once they’ve implemented changes to their practices.

The Michigan Shoreland Stewards program is just one way the MNSP hopes to improve lakeshore habitat all across the state of Michigan. If you own lakefront property and are interested in being recognized for your good management practices or you want to see how your property rates, the Michigan Shoreland Stewards Program is here for you!

For more information about the Michigan Natural Shoreline Partnership, visit the www.mishorelinepartnership.org or the Michigan Shoreland Stewardship Program, visit www.mishorelandstewards.org.  And be sure and check out LLLA’s presence on the site too.  You can take the survey here, and we will receive an e-mail notification when a property owner completes the survey.

4 thoughts on “Michigan Shoreland Stewards”

    1. Thanks, Nick. I hear you took the test and passed with flying colors! You’re entitled to a Gold Level yard sign. What are some of the factors that help do well on the survey?

  1. This is a great survey! Not only does it rate what you are doing on your lakefront property, it is an education in itself of what you can do preserve and improve your lake. I want to take time to study each entry. Every riparian should do this survey!

    1. Agreed, Cindy. And what is really neat is that we are starting to log entries for our lake, which can be seen on site.

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