John Lutchko, Freshwater Advocate

You’ll find a great story on our own John Lutchko in today’s Record Eagle:

“John Lutchko always knew his career would be centered on water.

He grew up across from Grand Traverse Bay and spent as much time on Lake Leelanau as possible, visiting his grandparents’ cottage in the summer. Lutchko wanted to take his education further after graduating from Northwestern Michigan College’s freshwater studies program — and Western Michigan University offered him the solution.”

Read more here.

2 thoughts on “John Lutchko, Freshwater Advocate”

  1. We’re lucky to have John contributing to our work on Lake Leelanau!! He is a great asset for exploring the ever-more complicated dynamics of our lake.

  2. What a coup for John … and for the Lake Association to have recruited him. Thanks to Wayne!

    I didn’t notice any mention of John’s work for the Lake Association, though. 🙁

    And finally … kudos to Mark Smith! This is a great website! Beautiful, and so well maintained. That, I always found was the hardest thing.

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