Remnant fish species discovered in Antrim County

Researchers have discovered a very special population of fish lurking in the depths of Elk Lake in Antrim County. These fish share a unique heritage, linking them to the native lake trout that disappeared from Lake Michigan over 50 years ago. Killed by sea lamprey invading from the Atlantic Ocean and caught in too-many fishing nets, the native populations of lake trout were wiped out of Lake Michigan by the late 1950s. Only small, remnant populations carried on in Lake Superior and distant corners of the Great Lakes.

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(photo courtesy MDNR)

3 thoughts on “Remnant fish species discovered in Antrim County”

  1. Fascinating article. I hope a project to revive this population in Elk Lake and to generate fry to stock other lakes gets started. Bring some to Lake Leelanau.

    1. Yes.. it sounds as if they prefer the colder water of the depths. I wonder if our lake would be cold enough for them. Fascinating story!

  2. Wow! Great story! Amazing secrets lie below in that beautiful lake. It is fun to snorkel the clear waters of Elk Lake and it has a new story to tell.

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