Rowing at Fountain Point on a blustery Saturday morning in October

I had a chance to see some stellar rowing skills on display at Fountain Point here on this early Saturday morning in October.  The wind was whipping up a choppy mess, straight out of the south, and of course you have to turn left (port) to get to the dock, and you have to go backwards in all cases.  Turning left while facing backwards is one thing, but going crossways into the waves is another .. but that’s part of the deal too.  Watch closely and you will see the ladies “check” their oars on the port (left) side to help make the huge boat turn. What fun! Teamwork.

This is a fantastic resource for our community and it is wonderful to see so many people, of all ages, taking part.  There’s a lot going on at Fountain Point, and that’s a good thing!



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6 thoughts on “Rowing at Fountain Point on a blustery Saturday morning in October”

  1. wayne wunderlich

    WOW!….the web site just gets better and better. I’m blown away by the enthusiasm and dedication of all our volunteers and members. Thank you all…. W Wunderlich

  2. Thanks for the great article. It certainly is a great activity for all ages. Young people should take note, rowing is almost a guarantee of scholarship funds to a lot of schools and we have the training right here at Fountain Point!

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